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17 Years Status Report

It is now more than 17 years since the May 1998 establishment of this website. It is fitting that we again take our yearly reflection back upon the last fourteen years, and convey to the public how we feel as a result of the experience gained.

We are pleased by the positive responses and inquires we have received over the past sixteen years, and grateful for what we have accomplished through our responses to all who have communicated with us. There is for us, and continues to be, a great satisfaction that we have, and are, making a difference in the lives of those who have troubling situations and are in need of independent thoughts and views. We look forward to our 17th year of operation of this website and to all the inquiries we shall receive from the public; that sees in our website words, a sincerity and an experienced maturity that is worthy of the public's trust and confidence.

We acknowledge that over the past months there has been a noticeable increase in the number of incoming E-mails that we receive. We believe that this is due to current economic conditions whereby some organizations/people are perhaps doing things they might not normally do. We continue to deduce, that the number of E-mails sent to us, may be an indication of a slight worsening of Whistleblowing retaliation in workplaces throughout the Public and Private employment Sectors. Perhaps, time will tell!

Our other comments are essentially the same this year as last. We are still troubled by one aspect perceived from the multitude of  E-mails we consistently received during the past years. It seems to us like the incidence of employer/workplace alleged retaliation against whistleblowers, and those who might blow-the-whistle, is not diminishing, and the perceived by us level of alleged fraud/wrongdoing going on in Government (Public sector) and Industry (Private Sector) workplaces across this Nation is still troublesome to us. While words like honesty, integrity, morality, professionalism, fairness, and truthfulness  abound from the lips of many who would portray that their organization/activity has supposedly achieved those in everyday working life, the reality is that those six words seem not part of the modus operandi of too many people who are in a position to make a difference in Society and who control the workplace lives of so many workers; whose pay from their jobs are the essence of they and their families' financial day-to-day survival. We are not discouraged however by these unfortunate perceptions of ours, because they only make us work harder to reach those in need; and we have faith that there hopefully will be someday a "goodness awakening," beneficially "pervading" all the men and women who have the power that the word EMPLOYER encompasses. Make no mistake, there are still many thousands of workplaces, in both Government and Industry across this nation, where honesty, integrity, morality, professionalism, fairness, and truthfulness are all wonderfully alive, flourishing, and worthy of the highest praise. If such existed in every workplace however, there surely would be no need for a website like this Blowing-the-Whistle!   



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