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The Father's Whistleblowing

 The father, served for more than 26 years in the United States Army, including two tours in Vietnam. He began his career as a Private and retired as a full Colonel. He has a Master's degree in Logistics Management, an MBA degree, Logistics Certification by the Government and by a Professional organization, and 30 years of management experience in logistics. After military retirement he went to work in the defense industry holding several management positions. Eventually he accepted a management position with a defense contractor in the State where he previously resided. Within weeks of commencing that employment, he discovered his employer was committing alleged defense contract fraud against the United States Government; so he reported it to company management. That led to alleged retaliation for the father�s whistleblowing, which culminated in 1990 with his termination. He filed a lawsuit against the Company in 1990 stating the termination was under a pretext, in retaliation for his whistleblowing. The lawsuit was previously on appeal at a Federal Appellate Court but all Federal Court litigation is now concluded. The father has now described what he calls "Divine Justice" which is something that occurred outside the Court/Judicial system and is somewhat amazing. See: Divine Justice

For the Father's Statement about his litigation see: Father's Statement

 The Son's Whistleblowing 

The Son had a 14 year law enforcement career that included pioneering the proactive investigation of pedophiles via computer, resulting in more than 75 prosecutions nationwide. He is a court recognized expert witness in child exploitation, computers/computer forensics, and electronic surveillance and has testified before the U.S. Congressional Subcommittee on Crime. He recently received a letter from the Director of the FBI praising his law enforcement work.

In 1992, the Son blew the whistle to the State Governor and Legislature on a communications system the state was constructing. His primary charge, which ultimately was proven correct, was that the system would be hundreds of millions of dollars over budget, possibly the greatest cost overrun in the history of the State. His whistleblowing led to involuntarily transfer from the State capital city to another city, forcing him to move his family to the vicinity of his new work location. In his new assignment, and despite the retaliation for his whistleblowing, the Son gained a national reputation in child exploitation investigation. Shortly after returning from testifying before a Congressional Committee in Washington, he again suffered adverse action when he was taken from the forefront of proactive investigation and assigned the duties of a radio technician. The Son filed a lawsuit against his former employer that is ongoing in State Court. He won a venue matter at the State appellate court, setting a precedent for suits against the State, and previously was successful in preventing summary judgment at the State trial court. Recently the Son won in Court another attempt by defendant to get Summary Judgment. This paves the way for the Son to get a Civil Jury trial on his lawsuit. The trial has now been scheduled by the State Court to occur some time between the period July 10, 2001 and July 31, 2001. At long last, after numerous years of waiting, the conclusion of the litigation may be "in sight."

      But, the Son just made a momentous decision which can be read by clicking on "Son's Disengagement" button below.



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