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We sometimes go to Court, as the Father did, (to both Federal & State Courts), in hopes of obtaining "judicial" justice for the workplace retaliation perpetrated against him by his former employer. The father had been retaliated against, for having the courage to blow the whistle on alleged defense contract fraud being committed by his employer against the United States Government. The father spent a total of about $145,000 from his life savings, in the seemingly futile pursuit of justice through the Courts, and his former employer spent about 1.6 million dollars to Judicially "defeat" The Father. The Father's litigation efforts were then seemingly a "failure," because it appeared at that time that "justice" through the Courts was unattainable. Upon conclusion of The Father's litigation, almost imperceptibly at first, but later visibly noticeable, there began to take place a mysterious and somewhat "magical" set of events that has left The Father in wonderment and awe of a seemingly supernatural "force," that for want of any other explanation, The Father calls "Divine Justice." Just look below at what has occurred, and join The Father in the marvel, awe, wonderment and mystery of it all.                     


ACCUSATIONS: The father accused the following persons of committing, participating in, or facilitating, defense contract fraud against the United States Government: (Following each name is the Father's understanding/ belief of what happened to that person)

   The Corporation President & CEO

                (Fired by Board of directors; now possibly deceased)                      

   The Corporation Senior Executive Vice President,

                 (Died of Cancer)

   The Father's Supervisor: The Vice President Engineering, 

                 (Was initially promoted to Senior Executive Vice President and General Manager, some time after the father was fired, then this person was fired as the Company continued to go "downhill".)

   The Human Resources Director,

                (Was fired but allowed to supposedly retire at a seemingly very young age)

   The Government Contracts Director,

                (Was fired but allowed to supposedly retire)

     The Staff Services Director,

                        (Was fired)

     The Vice President Staff Operations 

                (Was fired)

     A Program Manager

                 (Was fired)

     The Corporation Vice President Finance & CFO

                 (Was fired or lay-off)

     The Finance Department Manager 

                 (Was fired or lay-off)

    Four other employees              

                 (Were fired or lay-off)


Here's what happened to the Corporation itself: It now no longer exists!

It went from employment level of about 1,100 employees in prior years, down to less than approximately 110 employees (as of 31 March 2003), it continued being in a layoff mode. Rumor had it that what used to be something like 1,100 employees then became barely over 100 employees; among which were supposedly left only:

  1 inspector

1 mechanical engineer

 1 electrical engineer

 1 configuration person

 no drafting department

 no development shop

 1 painter

 4 manufacturing specialists

 About 10 proposal people, and

 1 receptionist

 Everyone shared each others duties. There was no admission thru the front door. Basically, there's no board room, and the front of the building is empty,

  Company stock fell from over $15 per share in 1994, to $5.25 per share in 2003, and has now stopped trading because the Company was sold and became a Division in the purchasing Corporation. During the 2001 to 2003 timeframe, the lowest stock price of the past six years occurred at $1.90 per share. No stock dividends were paid since 17 September 1996,

 Company stock was thrown off (de-listed) from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), for failure to meet listing standards (capitalization requirements), and had to go to the American Stock Exchange, where it then stopped trading in 2003 and now no longer exists,

  The Company was in default in 2002 of its borrowing/bank agreement, but paid money to get back in compliance, but financial difficulty continued, and its ability to financially "survive" became impaired,

The Company's business reputation with the Government had (in the Father's view) been severely damaged by the Company's own actions and jeopardized its own future.

The Company tried to find a Buyer for itself, but failed in the past, because no other Company or Corporation apparently wanted to buy it. Last year, it was finally bought by another Corporation for cash, and it became a Division of the buyer. All stock has been purchased for $5.25 per share and the purchasing Corporation took action to halt trading of the stock on the stock market. The Corporation name became extinct and today it operates as a Division of the purchasing Corporation.

The Company was trying to sell its offices and manufacturing facility that it owned, and claimed it would rent or buy space elsewhere; but nobody wanted to buy the place. The Company tried for some time to rent part of it facilities; but without success. It remains to be seen what the new owning Corporation does with those facilities.

The now former President/CEO had announced that he was leaving the Company effective the end of June 2002 to supposedly "pursue other interests"; and he is now long gone. In all probability he was "fired", because the Board of Directors voted not to renew his employment contract. One of the members of the Company Board of Directors, who owns a consulting firm,  then became interim CEO (but was only a paid consultant/manager not an employee of the Company) while the Company "hunted" for a new CEO. Update: The Company then finally found a new CEO. However, now that there is a new owning Corporation, that Corporation placed one of the remaining employees in the top Division Management position and got rid of the prior CEO.

THE LAWYERS: The Corporation used, to "fight" the Father, an in-house (employee) lawyer and an outside law firm:

      In House Lawyer: Has been fired but supposedly allowed to retire.

      Outside Law Firm:  Has been sold to another law firm and not one of the partners' names from the purchased law firm name was incorporated into the law firm name that bought them; and they appear to have no "partnership" in the law firm that "swallowed them up". 

THE LOCAL UNITED STATES ATTORNEY: The local US Attorney, who refused to criminally prosecute the Corporation, perhaps because of the "politics" involved, was subsequently relieved of his job under other "adverse circumstances", went to Washington for a year or so, and is believed to have been terminated from Government employment -- or allowed to resign. He subsequently came back to the local area, opened a law practice, and is using his "legal skills" to defend persons accused by/indicted by the Federal Government for allegedly committing criminal crimes!


The bottom line on all of the above, is that every person whom the father accused of allegedly committing defense contract fraud against the United States Government, is now either dead, have been fired or forced out of the Company, and even the Lawyers are seemingly now in what one might call: "The Twilight Zone"!  

What saddens the father, is that a Corporation that had a seemingly good future, did not heed the Father's whistleblowing warning and voluntarily put a stop to their fraud against the Government; instead, it decided to try and "slay" the Father. In so doing they seem to have self-destructed and caused immense intentional harm to their own business and to numerous innocent employees who had no part in the alleged defense contract fraud. As can be seen from all of the above described occurrences, in sum total, it amounts to a mysterious and amazing "Divine Justice." Perhaps what cannot be won in a Court of Law becomes otherwise a reality by means of seemingly "heavenly intervention!" 

The Father has no personal joy from any of the adversities that have befallen all the "wrongdoers" and the Corporation itself; at best all that has given him a sense of "inner peace" and a will to look to the future in a positive and productive fashion, and not dwell on the past. Perhaps it was a "Divine spirit" that caused the Father and the Son to undergo all the whistleblowing adversities that they did -- so that they would acquire the determination and the motivation to establish this website; and through it, to hopefully be a beneficial influence upon, and in, Society.



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