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Our Goal

We are a father and son, both whistleblowers; one from industry and the other from government. We have experienced the satisfaction of doing something that was morally right -- blowing-the-whistle -- and both experienced workplace retaliation for our actions against fraud, waste, and abuse. We also have extensive experiences in what it means to try to pursue justice through Federal and State Court systems, seeking whistle-blowing protection and to make us "whole" again.

We have constructed this site so those who have blown-the-whistle, and those who are thinking about whether to do it, will have a place to seek the type of free information that could only come from experienced whistle-blowers who are motivated to share with others what they have learned in "the real world". This will apply to public sector as well as private sector employees. In so doing, we hope to help others make the best decisions that are right for their circumstances.

We have included a page called"Our Stories" that gives a brief description of our whistleblowing. The purpose of doing so, is not to highlight, focus upon, or dwell upon what our situations were; rather, only to demonstrate to you we have "been there" -- "done that"

Update on the Father's Story

The Father's whistleblowing case has now come to a final conclusion, with the refusal of the U.S. Supreme Court to hear his case (denial of Certiorari) . The Father's statement about this event can be read by clicking here.

Change of Viewpoint

In 1998, after we had created this Father & Son whistleblowing website, we thought about devising what we would call a Whistleblowing Self Inventory Analysis. This was to be a self questioning, in the privacy of one's home, for the purpose of a person determining whether or not to blow the whistle, and how well they might cope with the aftermath of such an action. Before completing the Whistleblowing Self Inventory analysis, we wanted to first gain the experience of the kind of situations other whistleblowers face and how they reacted to them. After receiving hundreds of E-mails from all over the United States (and some from persons in other countries), describing their situations, we experienced ourselves a sort of "awakening" to the reality that whistleblowing is often a spontaneous action/reaction to a workplace situation, and the whistleblower is often already so involved that our attempting to apply some sort of self-analysis would often not only be a "too little-too late" situation, but could result in misleading conclusions being formulated by the whistleblower. Remember the old saying: "If only we could really see ourselves as others see us!" Additionally, some persons might unknowingly answer a self-analysis question one way because that is how they see themselves, whereas, the reality may be just the opposite. Thus, there could be some "danger" in a self-analysis, and it could lead to undesirable consequences. Added to that was the fact that we found ample general information for whistleblowers on numerous other websites.

So we concluded that we should abandon trying to produce a self analysis and should communicate with whistleblowers on a one-to-one basis as the best approach; thereby permitting us to provide comments and suggestions appropriate to the specific Whistleblower's situation and the Whistleblower's circumstances. That "formula" has now worked successfully over many years, and we now feel is the best approach for us. So, if you are concerned about a potential or actual whistleblowing situation and/or have a question in that subject area, let us hear from you by E-mail and we will do our best to share with you our knowledge, our experience, and our thoughts.

Philosophy of Our Site

First, let us observe/acknowledge that there may be a number of ways to spell the word such as:
Whistle blowing

(Please note that our preference for the spelling is: "Whistleblowing".)

Our definition is as follows:

"Whistleblowing" is a verbal and/or written communication,

to a Person, Organization, or Activity,

which is in the Public Sector (Government - local, state, or federal) or

Private Sector (Business/Industry/Non-government),

the purpose of such communication being to expose and/or inform upon,
alleged wrongdoing (fraud, theft, etc.), or discrimination (race, religion, national origin, gender, etc.), or retaliation, or some other type adverse occurrence that violates a law, or a regulation, or a policy, or morals, or ethics, or decency, and especially those matters that endanger public health and/or public safety.


Perhaps we are somewhat unique, but not long after we started our web site, we conceived that our whistleblowing experiences should be put to good use by interacting on a one-on-one basis with whistleblowers, actual and those contemplating, so we could share our knowledge and interact with whistleblowers' individual, and specific to them, circumstances. We have received thousands of E-mails from all over the United States, from private and public sector employees and fired employees. (We also hear from students in the U.S. and foreign countries studying ethics/whistleblowing and we are immensely pleased to help them, because we firmly believe classroom academic education is one of the keys to resolution of Society's workplace problems regarding whistleblowing.) We treasure the few "God Bless you" E-mails that we received over the years,  after our final response to some whistleblowers with whom we have communicated. We don't identify ourselves by name nor provide phone numbers on our web site, to purposely keep people from spending money calling, spending money to duplicate lengthy documents of their case to send by mail to us, or in any way causing any expense to us or to those who contact us by E-mail. We give of our time and our knowledge freely, to quietly, without fanfare, try to help people see facts and circumstances they may have overlooked, or through their passion/emotion for their whistleblowing cases end up in effect self-destructing themselves for life. We have tried at this web site to project sincerity, and we think we have been successful because many people in "delicate" work situations read our site and in their very first E-mail to us reveal their names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Although we do not need that data, we must know what State in the USA the whistleblowing situation occurred and what State the whistleblower lives in now. (Often that is a factor in the preciseness of our comments).

So we have deliberately chosen not to strap on a sword, nor to mount upon a white horse like a gallant warrior of old, nor to publicly yell "charge" and go into battle; not because we have no courage, but because we believe that a sort of "quiet diplomacy" and a "calm and mature" sounding board is what many whistleblowers need in the initial stages of their whistleblowing problems. We leave to the capable hands of others the "frontal assault" on the evils of employer retaliation. We work on that problem in other "quiet ways" not connected with our Father and Son Site. We do not join with other whistleblowers in "battle" because at this stage we want to devote our time and our talents to individual help.

Resolution of the "ills in our Society" is a long term proposition at best; but a multitude of whistleblowers need a personal and private "sounding board," so to speak, right now, and we try to fill that void. Just as we respect those who "organize for battle" and go forth to so do, we sincerely hope that they will respect the methodology we have chosen, so as to maximize being of timely help to those in greatest need.

We have given you the foregoing explanation so that you will understand why there are no links on our web site to other sites. We have a whole array of useful private sector whistleblowing web sites and some public sector Government Information web sites that we use in our E-mails (as hyperlinks) that we give to those who communicate with us, but first we tailor the list so the whistleblower can go to the sites that will help further him or her in their particular case. Often times we research some aspect raised by the whistleblower and give them the results in our reply, and they are very grateful for the time we spent on their problem; at no cost whatsoever to them. We want people to stop at our website and talk to us, not link out right away to other places searching for something that they are not sure even fits their problem nor understanding what they really need to look for. Our "formula" for interacting with whistleblowers we think works well, and we are hopeful over time that our Father and Son effectiveness will be publicized through word-of-mouth by those we have helped, and our reputation for being ethical and competent will grow by that means.

We hope that this information has shed some light on our modus operandi, so to speak, and in the event you do not agree with our methodology you will have at least the facts by which to have seen what may be "the other side of the coin" or "the rest of the whistleblowing story."

Our best wishes to you and again our thanks for stopping by.

Mountain Climber with heavy load on backWhistleblowing is sometimes like climbing a mountain with a heavy load on one's back. Success at such an endeavor can only be possible from knowing where one is going and how best to get there!

Please let us hear from you if you have a Whistleblowing question or situation:

Privacy Information: When you communicate with us, we will not share, sell, trade, rent, or give your E-mail address or your personal details to anyone.

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