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Son's Disengagement

   Every whistleblower must constantly assess their situation. When they have initiated litigation, such as the Son did, they should periodically determine whether or not, even if they win in court, they might stand to lose some greater "good". So it is with the Son. He looked down the road and wisely saw that his whistleblower litigation was preventing him from devoting his full attention to the Corporation business he owns, preventing timely fulfilling the technical service needs of some of his clients due to interruptions caused by the Litigation, and was taking his attention away from expanding his monumentally successful business. (It is interesting to note that had it not been for the Son's whistleblowing that produced Employer retaliation, the Son might never have left Government employment to start his own successful business. There is an old saying that: "When one door closes in life, often a new door opens"!)

  The Defendant in his litigation, a State Government Agency, decided to hire an outside law firm after their State Government lawyers were unsuccessful in getting the Son's case thrown out of court (Summary Judgment). As probably frequently happens, these non-Government employee Law firms are experts at prolonging the case, trying to "bury" the Plaintiff with Discovery paperwork, etc.; all of which makes money for the outside Law Firm and tends to "tie up" a Plaintiff in minutia. Thus, as the Son's court case progressed, he was having to spend more and more time on it, to the detriment of his Business. The money the Son would have gained had he won his case at Civil Trial was only a fraction of what he can make by devoting full attention to his business and expanding it. Most assuredly, had the State Agency lost at trial, they would have appealed it to the Appellate Level, then to the State Supreme Court and no doubt to the U.S. Supreme Court. All the while, the outside Law Firm for the Defendant, amassing huge attorney's fees at taxpayers' expense. 

   Some Whistleblowers become so "compulsive" about their Litigation that they do not want to stop until they win, even if they expend their entire life savings in the process, amass huge debt, and have other adversities occur to them and their family. So, it is a wise whistleblower who knows if the time to stop is at hand, and to disengage with dignity. The Son fought a good fight and most probably would have won at trial. Winning in life, is not and cannot be, "everything". It is possible that because the Son has now filed a Voluntary Notice of Dismissal of his litigation in Court, taking the Defendant and its Lawyers somewhat by surprise, he has lastingly inflicted upon his former employer the aggravation and the anger they will probably feel because they were unable to financially pulverize and publicly ruin the Son's reputation. The Son is held in high regard by those who know him personally and professionally; so he leaves the Litigation "battlefield" in triumph and with a good feeling that he did well. Meanwhile, it may be just a matter of time before his former employer again finds itself in legal difficulties, because of its recurring retaliatory actions and arrogant attitude against those who courageously stand up for their rights and who blow-the-whistle in the public's interest and the public's welfare.   

    The Son has wisely chosen to now make his whistleblowing experiences only an event/occurrence in his life, not be the rest of his life. That is what all whistleblowers must eventually do, otherwise they might at some point in time become embittered and lose the precious joy of living and the divine benefits of life itself. The Father is proud of his Son, not only because they are family, but also because the Son has shown a "wisdom" far beyond his years, and a clear vision of what is best for he and his family's (wife and children's) future.

     Both the Father and the Son have been guided in their lives by the following prayer:

                        THE SERENITY PRAYER

God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
and the Wisdom to know the difference.



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